The crew of the Monkeysquid’s Musket worked their ship through a particularly dense part of the Jungle Sky, clumps of trees making for a narrow passage. But their contact Otter was right – there was a Barathi treasure ship in the jungle – they could make out its stern from, the rest of the ship embedded in the trees. Not one of the giant treasure galleons, but a worthy prize nonetheless. Foppe navigated the junk as close as he could – a little too close as it turned out, as the Musket skimmed against a dense patch of trees.

The crew boarded the treasure ship but, sure enough, it turned out to be a trap – a group of savage blue men were waiting for them. However Guy of the Ska Ku, who had descended from the Blue Men, was able to convince them to depart with only a small insult to his honor.

Securing the modest treasure, the Musket made its way to Barathi. Foppe cloaked himself in a cunning disguise, fearful he might be recognized. Penth and her shield maiden Briea had to endure the attention of being the only women on the ship, though the fact that Penth could probably cripple any other cewmember deflected most of the attention to the more approachable Briea. After docking, they made their way to Otter’s warehouse. He made the mistake of trying to stiff our heroes, but a sword from Foppe and spear from Penth, both at his throat, convinced him that would be a bad idea.

Rich in coin, our heroes spent some of it at a tavern, the Sign of the Red Hourglass. It was there that Ser Knight made contact with a woman looking for passage – Rebbecca Ilvis and her guardian, the elderly though fit retainer Oraraes. She was fleeing from a royal wedding with the heir apparent to the Barathi throne, being quite out of the ordinary in not wanting to enter a marriage in which she did not love any of the participants. She was looking for passage to the small island of Kirrathi, a colony of Barathi fighting for independence. How could any respecting band of heroes, especially one with a former Royal Musketeer, turn down a maiden looking for aid?

En route to the island the saw they were being followed – and they learned that there was a little more to the story. It was not much of a surprise that Lady Ilvis was involved with the rebellion on Kirrathi. Shortly after docking, in the shadow of a dark tower looming over the Kirrathi harbor, the port was officially closed, the tower having a clear shot at any ship trying to depart. Meeting with her resistance contacts, it so happened they knew of a hidden underground entrance to the tower, and where the powder room might be found…