Ser Knight (Corwin Duskblade)

Foible: Proud (stupidly so, in all things)

Motivation: Good [+2] Power

Nationality: Good [+2] Colronan Kingdom

Past: Good [+2] Different Nationality (Ilwuz)

Swashbuckling Forte: Good [+2] Koldun

Additional Fortes: Good [+2] Gift: Griffin, Good [+2] Colronan Musketeer, Good [+2] Aristocracy (Knight)

Techniques: Idiom: Precise (unchained), Koldun: Qilin, Koldun: Merhorse

Style Dice: 1

Training Points: 0

Miscellany: Born on Ilwuz, Corwin was raised in the standard traditions of the Ilwuz – meaning he learned to use a blade, sail skyships, and start drinking early on. On one of his first cruises as a cabin boy aboard a pirate ship while only 8 years old, the ship was captured by Colronan Kingdom forces. Taken prisoner, he was dumped into the household of the captain, who was a baron in the Colronan Kingdom. Educated as an experiement to determine if he could be “cured” of his Ilwuz barbarism, he excelled at lessons, being accepted into the Colronan Musketeers and earning his knighthood (and some extremely modest – in that nobody lives there – estates). While going through Musketeer training, Corwin realized that his gift and talents were emerging – in an environment that had little tolerance for either. Knowing full well that he would need to be fettered (or worse!) if he stayed, Corwin instead set out into the world “to win his fortune”. His adoptive parents were quite proud – a failing that he learned at their knees. If only they had known his first stop would be Ilwuz… and from there a quest to master his Koldun talents. Calling himself only “Ser Knight”, he is setting out to learn all he can of the Koldun arts and has a vague plan to return to the Colronan Kingdom to “show them”.