Foible: Wrong place at wrong time.

Motivation: Good [+2] Restore reputation.

Nationality: Good [+2] Barathi.

Past: Good [+2] Disgraced noble.

Swashbuckling Forte: Good [+2] Fencing.

Additional Fortes: Good [+2] Gift (Thunderbird); Good [+2] Reputation; Good [+2] Skysailor


  • At a disadvantage (unchained)
  • vs. Nobility (fencing)
  • Weapon: Rapier (fencing)

Style Dice: 1

Training Points: 0

Miscellany: A noble hailing from Barathi, Foppe has become the master at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he is near, people have reason to be nervous – in his presence odd accidents have a tendency to happen. Nobles fall from balconies, bridges collapse, etc. After the firstborn son and heir apparent of the Empress Vanadi died in a bizarre accident Foppe decided it was time to ramble on. He has taken on a series of odd jobs since and is currently the sailing master of the Monkeysquid’s Musket, a pirate and smuggling skyjunk.

Foppe’s strange luck is a combination of his Thunderbird Gift (which he is unaware of and functions unconsciously) and his foible. As a result, odd coincidences tend to happen to him and around him. Sometimes this is to his advantage, sometimes it causes him trouble – but his life has never been boring.