That Guy Who Did That Thing
Foible: Obnoxiously arrogant.

Motivation: Good [+2] Show How Awesome I Am.

Nationality: Good [+2] Sha-Ku.

Past: Good [+2] Sha-Ku rider.

Swashbuckling Forte: Good [+2] Pirate.

Additional Fortes: Good [+2] Acrobatic; Good [+2] Sidekick (Ruq); Good [+2] Repartee


  • Master Swordsman (Pirate)
  • Sarcastic (Repartee)
  • Mounted Archery (Ruq Rider)

Style Dice: 1

Training Points: 0

Miscellany: Guy’s real name is unknown – non-natives of Sha Ku have never been able to pronounce it. He began answering to Guy after constantly being referred to as “That Guy Who Did That Thing”. Guy left Sha Ku in an effort to gain enough esteem all over the world to increase his prestige in his homeland. He quickly became a pirate – a very showy pirate – and is captain of the Monkeysquid’s Musket. He probably isn’t the most talented sailor or pirate aboard that small vessel, but he does boast the most.