So as you can see from earlier posts my group spent a fair amount of time going back and forth between modern, 1950s, 1930s, and Victorian-era gaming. In the end we decided on a game set in the Victorian Age with lower end superheroes – for those who are familiar with Wild Talents, a point value of 175. You’re basically talking characters who have one or two superpowers or who have focused on super-attributes. I like this level as it keeps the characters and their other abilities at the core.

Initially we had decided on a game set towards the end of the age to set up a possible encounter with Jack the Ripper. However, I fell into my infamous research fetish – a desire to know ever single possible detail about Victorian London of 1887, something that is just not going to happen. That is when I decided it would be best to use the Kerberos Club, which is an alternate reality in which, over the course of the 19th century, the world gets odder and odder and history diverges more and more. In this setting, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria separate as he becomes more and more concerned about how Strange his wife has become. As a result he lives far longer but is also not around to negotiate the Trent Affair, causing the UK to declare war on the United States in 1861, resulting in Confederate Independence. Ironically, the United States and United United Kingdom draw closer together after this and the Confederacy turns into a rogue nation, getting more and more tradition-bound and backwards, delving into dark magics and ancient religions (major inspirations from Call of Cthulhu and other Lovecraftian horrors).

The Kerberos Club itself is made up of people “touched by the Strange” and is dedicated to protecting society as best it can from being unduly influenced by the Strange. It is not quite a superhero team, but more a loose confederation of superbeings who have a common purpose and are able to take advantage of the club’s considerable resources, especially useful for non-white males.

I decide to begin the game at the end of the year 1864. The Confederacy has established itself as an independent nation and Abraham Lincoln has just been reelected for ending the dual front war with the UK and CSA without further loss of territory and some semblance of honor, with the addition of a post-war economic boom.

We have four characters in our group. In no particular order they are:

  • Mbizi – Escaped slave from the United States (pre-Civil War) – killed his master with his powers. Mbizi is able to summon beings he refers to as his ancestors. If you’ve ever read the New Universe comic DP7 and remember Randy O’Brien, you’ll have a good idea of what his powers are like. Mbizi descends from a South African Xhosa who was traveling abroad to West Africa for currently unknown reasons. Mbizi’s powers are centered on his ancestors and he has no other powers, though he is a skilled fighter and orator. Mbizi is dedicated to ending the illegal African slave trade, delegitimizing the Confederacy, and securing the independence of the Xhosa and other South African groups.
  • Larry (surname unknown at present) – Two-bit thief from the East End, Larry unhesitatingly accepted membership into the Kerberos Club as opposed to scraping by and staying ahead of the police. Larry has a very limited teleportation, or blinking ability. He has minimal conscious control over it and it seems to function only to allow him to better position himself to attach someone (i.e. blink behind them) or to unconsciously avoid harm (blink out of the path of a bullet). He’d very much like to be able to control the teleport as, while no longer a full-time thief, he certainly still likes valuables and being able to teleport through a door would be handy. In combat he tends to favor an iron pipe.
  • John Henry – “The name is Brown, John Henry Brown, sah.  I’m a free man on accountin’ I beat a steam drill with these hea hands my hammer and with the blessin’ of tha Lord, AMEN Brother!” Yes, that John Henry is also a member of the club. He is loyal to the club but even more dedicated to punishing those who supported slavery and proving his superiority over machines. He is incredibly strong and very deadly with his hammer – and very difficult to hurt. Not incredibly bright, but very driven.
  • Sir Luthor Smithson, KCMG, Esquire, Captain (ret), Colonel (ret) – Luthor was a born London gutter rat, and was press-ganged into the Royal Navy more than 250 years earlier. It was there that his unique abilities were first noted – particularly when he sided with the Royalists and was executed – repeatedly and unsuccessfully. With the re-establishment of the monarchy, Luthor came to the attention of Charles II. Fighting as a naval officer in the Second Anglo-Dutch war, then again in the Third Anglo-Dutch war, saw him rewarded for bravery under fire again and again. Strange rumors about him (specifically the ones about him being unkillable and therefore possessed), led him to be reassigned to the army, where he fought in the Nine Years War against the French, and then later the War of the Spanish Succession against France and Spain. Afterwards, Luthor spent a lot of time traveling the world, advising and participating in numerous small wars and studying all over the world. Recalled to service by a disbelieving crown for the French and Indian war, he was then shunted to the Royal Expeditionary Force fighting in the Cape Frontier wars, followed by recall to fight in the Franco-British war, and then later in the Anglo-Russian war. At which point Luthor took service with the government’s diplomatic branch, and began traveling the world.

I’ve noticed some interesting things about the characters. First, for the age it is unusual that a pair of the characters are of African descent. That does fit in quite well with one of my plans of using the Confederacy as one of the main baddies – indeed the first adventure features a visit from Vice-President Alexander Stephens of the Confederacy.

There is also a potential conflict between Mbizi and Luthor, given Luthor’s involvement in the Cape Frontier Wars against the Xhosa. Not sure why it is, but those two players always seem to make characters who have some amount of conflict between each other – and this one was totally unintentional…

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