Though I’m not yet a world-renowned blogger, this is my second blog. I imagine it’ll be my secondary blog – my primary one, Publius the Geek is dedicated to my interests in history, politics, religion, etc. It’s primarily concerned about “real” issues.

This blog is dedicated more to my “geekier” interests – primarily roleplaying games but I might sneak some discussion of other “non-real world” issues like computer games, comic books, fiction, etc.

As far as the name of the blog. Well, if you were a geek in the 80s you might recognize the reference. The first Dungeons & Dragons adventure tons of people played was Keep on the Borderlands. And one of the rumors you might hear at the Keep is that “bree-yark” is goblin for “we surrender”. And of course in the adventure you’ll run into some goblins that declare “bree-yark”.

Since I mentioned this blog was mainly about roleplaying games, my background in them extends to the early 80s, on a snow day when I was over my friend’s house trying to decipher this Dungeons & Dragons game his brother got for Christmas. I was a pretty active gamer in middle school and high school. We mainly played variants of Dungeons of Dragons, with some Star Trek, Star Wars, and Marvel Superheroes thrown in for good measure.

I did some occasional gaining in college, but not a whole heck of a lot. When I moved to Massachusetts I began my current group. It’s evolved quite a bit over the years – no members from its original group save me. We’ve mainly played Star Wars with a decent amount of D&D (3.5 and 4e), Serenity, and we’re currently playing a Wild Talents superhero campaign.